My name is Marcin Dojnik. I come from Poland, Stobierna, although I was born and currently live in Rzeszów – Polish Aerospace Industry Capital. Professionally I work as a menager of Podkarpackie Investors and Exporters Service Center. Our work is based on 2 pillars: assistance to foreign investors – iterested in the region as a place of potential expansion, assistance to Polish/Podkarapckie exporters, interested in establishing or/and expanding thier export capabilities.,kontakt.html#

This work is very interesting. Thanks to it, I had the opportunity to visit various places in the world, where I participated in events such as fairs, B2B meetings, trade missions (inbound and outbound). With this job, I started quite thoroughly and intensively learn the English language of the aviation industry and other technical industries. Due to the interest and needs of education and training of aviation companies employees, I started teaching in this field. Thanks to the organized classes and their participants, I got to know this language niche quite well. Since 2014, I have been cooperating with the training company INNPuls, which enabled me to participate in the training organized in cooperation with LufthansaTechnik–o-innpuls/

Due to my experience, I provide services in the form of organizing and conducting English, technical (mainly aviation) language courses for individuals and companies (groups). I provide these services based on civil law contracts. The website was created thanks to the talent and support of Piotr Śliwa, a friend from school and now.

The page includes:

  1. Ideas for interesting exercises and lessons, based on your own workshop and experience
  2. Aviation and defense articles and videos from a variety of sources
  3. Photos from own archives and from publicly available sources and those who give their consent – aviation, aviation industry, defense technologies
  4. Blog – descriptions of my business trips, opinions on aviation technology and technology